These helpers create rate settings that you can pass to insistently(). You can also use them in your own functions with rate_sleep().

rate_delay(pause = 1, max_times = Inf)

rate_backoff(pause_base = 1, pause_cap = 60, pause_min = 1,
  max_times = 3, jitter = TRUE)




Delay between attempts in seconds.


Maximum number of requests to attempt.

pause_base, pause_cap

rate_backoff() uses an exponential back-off so that each request waits pause_base * 2^i seconds, up to a maximum of pause_cap seconds.


Minimum time to wait in the backoff; generally only necessary if you need pauses less than one second (which may not be kind to the server, use with caution!).


Whether to introduce a random jitter in the waiting time.


An object to test.

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# A delay rate waits the same amount of time: rate <- rate_delay(0.02) for (i in 1:3) rate_sleep(rate, quiet = FALSE)
#> Retrying in 0.02 seconds.
#> Retrying in 0.02 seconds.
# A backoff rate waits exponentially longer each time, with random # jitter by default: rate <- rate_backoff(pause_base = 0.2, pause_min = 0.005) for (i in 1:3) rate_sleep(rate, quiet = FALSE)
#> Retrying in 0.01 seconds.
#> Retrying in 0.4 seconds.